Body treatments

Anti-Age pack with papaya and pineapple - 4,300.00

PEVONIA  45 min
Anti-aging package based on pineapple and papaya for detoxification, tighten and regenerate the skin for 15 minutes. Aromatic spray for refreshing and hydrating the skin and balsam based on pineapple and papayathat is applied to a mild (stimulating) massage.

Anti-stress massage - 4,200.00

PEVONIA  75 min
The mild, relaxing massage with hot pads that are filled with aromatic herbs.

Detox anti-stress treatment-the whole body - 5,500.00

PEVONIA  60 min
Packing bodies with mud on the the base of volcanic magma and essential oils of pine. Eliminates fatigue and muscle pain and cleanses the skin. Slightly warming relaxes the body and acts relaxing.

Detox anti-stress treatment for the back - 2,900.00

PEVONIA  30 min
Partial package for the back or legs with mud, based on volcanic magma and essential oils of pine. It relaxes the muscles, relieves fatigue and pain. It is recommended as an introductory treatment of a therapeutic massage.

The tropical oasis with papaya and pineapple with vitamins A, collagen and elastin - 5,500.00

PEVONIA  70 min
The treatment includes peeling, pack and balsam based on pineapple and papaya. Eliminates top layer of skin, hydrates and nourishes the skin, and the active components of the pineapple and papaya have anti-age effect.

Tropical peeling with papaya and pineapple - 2,900.00

PEVONIA  30 min
Body peeling based on pineapple and papaya removes surface layer of the skin, makes it smooth and renewed. Is especially suitable after exposure to the sun and for hydrating dry skin.

Royal massage - 7,000.00

 60 min
Royal massage – massage with four hands. Relaxing full body massage with synchronized movements of two therapists.

Massage with volcanic stones - 5,500.00

75 min
Massage with warm volcanic stones relaxes the body and releases the tension. It relaxes the body and gives the new energy.

Partial massage - 2,300.00

30 min
The massage is directed specific to the particular part of the body. Liberates the tensions of any part of the body for a short time. The massage is aimed at solve a particular problem.

“Exspress sliming”-Anticelulit massage - 3,000.00

30 min
Anti-cellulite massage improves the blood circulation and lymph flow, eliminates the excess fluid. Strong and deep movements break down cellulite and fatty deposits. Based on pearls with coffee and sea salt extracts. Treatments are performed in series, on the recommendation by therapists.

Relax massage - 3,800.00

Trajanje 60 min
Relaxing massages, lymphatic drainage and therapeutic massage. Chosen by the client.

Relax massage - 4,800.00

90 min
Relaxing massages, lymphatic drainage and therapeutic massage. Chosen by the client.