Facial treatments

PEVONIA I THALION facial treatments

“Express beauty” treatment - 2,700.00

30 min
The treatment ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. After the treatment the skin is hydrated, regenerated, soft and fresh. Treatment includes cleansing, massage, pilling and skin mask. The treatment results in refreshed and nourished skin.

Express anti age treatment with caviar - 2,900.00

30 min
High concentration of caviar extract provides the skin elements needed for hydrating and skin regeneration. Caviar acts preventively the appearance of wrinkles, revitalizes and nourishes the skin, affects the activation of the process of creation of natural collagen and elastin in the skin. After the treatment the skin is shiny, hydrated, rejuvenated, regenerated and fine lines are leveled.

Hygienic treatment with care - 4,200.00

90 min
Part of usual facial care, includes deep pore cleansing,facial cleansing, massage, pilling and skin mask-suitable for skin type.

Deep hydration treatment - 5,000.00

60 min
The treatment is based on marine collagen that provides deep hydration and is extremely efficient in leveling wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. It is being incorporated into the cell, which is significantly slowing down the skin aging process.

Vitamine complex treatment - 4,800.00

60 min
The treatment contains a high concentration of vitamin C, propolis and B-complex, that regenerates and hydrates the skin, that provides the skin freshness and youthful glow.

”Oxygen” treatment for skin luminosity and shine - 5,200.00

60 min
The treatment contains highly concentrated substances and collagen fibers. Substances used treatments activated absorption of oxygen within the cells, soothe redness and reduce the skin’s sensitivity to external influences. After treatment irritation are soothed, the skin is more radiant, fresher and receives natural youthful elasticity.

“Absolute” lifting - lift&glow treatment with Hyaluronic acid - 5,500.00

60 min
Treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers designed for skin of 35+ years in order to fill deep and small wrinkles and hydration. Face receives volume and looks younger, and the skin is deeply hydrated.

Escutox-natural botox treatment - 6,800.00

60 min
Luxurious treatment for facial tightening and shine. One of the main characteristics of the treatment is that the effects and results are instantly most visible. The skin immediately after the treatment becomes shinier, more radiant and wrinkles and fine lines neutralized. The skin recovers its tone, elasticity and softness. It may be applied to any type of skin that show the signs of aging.

“ Oxygen”treatment for men - 3,900.00

60 min
A specially designed treatment for men hydrates the skin, provide instant tightening effect and brilliance. Blue algae from this line returns the face of freshness, removes the feeling of fatigue and discomfort. The treatment results in refreshed and nourished skin.

“ Complete relax” treatment for eye zone, with facial massage - 2,500.00

30 min
Short treatment with peeling and mask as per skin type. Including facial massage while keeping eye mask which reduce bags under the eyes and dark circles, and visibly reducing wrinkles and anti-aging skin.The treatment provides instantly visible results. The treatment results in refreshed and nourished skin.


(with appropriate facial mask which nourishes and hydrates the skin)


(appropriate facial mask and massage)